where ever you are,
whatever you do,
there is always someone,
that needs something!

Become the Connector!
Fulfill their needs!
And get Paid!

We have developed the platform to allow you to be remunerated for doing what you would have done in any case. We by nature want to help others, now we can help, but still earn whilst doing this!

Watch this short video as an intro and overview

The What and How?

Register on the Portal

We have made it easy to register. Click on any of the links in the page which will take you to the registration page.

Business Listings

As part of the experience, you and all of the other Virtual Sales Force family will all get new companies to list on the portal, which will enable you to also receive your dedicated link to their products or services.
This means we can all grow exponentially in what we can offer and received commission from.

Share the Link (Love)

On your portal you will have links to each of the companies and their products and services which makes it very easy to share. So if you are at a braai, share it via WhatsApp, if you are browsing your social media platforms and see anybody asking for anything, directly share it on there. The sky is the limit!

Be Rewarded

Each company listed has their own remuneration model. This will show you exactly how much you can earn from each converted sale. The system tracks all these referrals for you, thus allowing you to also easily follow-up on successful sales. Each company will pay you directly, thus we do not ask any commission on your earnings. To keep your access and links to the system and companies we do require you to ensure 1 new company lists per month.

The Process


There is no cost to you. We have created this system to fill the need for companies to grow exponentially, and at the same time give you the ability to generate an additional or primary income.

All we ask from you is to grow the client list by at least 1 new subscribed company per month. This is to ensure that the database of companies, products and services are constantly growing and thus adding additional income potential for you and all the other Virtual Sales Force participants.

There is no limit, it all depends on you, and the companies listed’ s remuneration model! What we can guarantee is that you will earn at least between R350 to R499 per new company you bring on-board as you will receive 100% of their 1st months subscription. So you can easily, by spending 20 minutes per day canvassing new companies, earn +- R15k per month just from membership income.

Time is valuable to us. If your account was de-activated it indicates that you have not had a successful member registration during the previous evaluation period. If you are still serious to continue you can contact us by email, and we will re-activate the same for you.

Need To:
Increase sales?
Increase profit?
decrease overheads?

You need a Virtual Sales Force!

You want to grow your business, but with the risk and associated cost involved to appoint your own sales team, and with no guarantee that it will work. Is it still worth it? That’s where we come in!

What's Included?

Professionally Designed Landing Page

It doesn't help if potential customers knocks on your door, just to be disappointed as soon as you let them in. You want to ensure your product or service has the best chance, thus it has to be showcased in the best way possible!

Unlimited Sales Agents

We do not limit or charge you based on the number of Sales Agents that promote and sell your product! No Recruitment! No Salaries! No HR! No Headaches! Just Results....

No Risk

No Recruitment! No Salaries! No HR! No Headaches! Just a proper commission based on converted sales! Your biggest risk is not jumping on this opportunity right now!

Big Reward

Just think: "If you had 5, 10, 15 or even 100 people in the field actively looking to promote your products or service". The possibilities are endless, and the reward immaculate.

The Process


To create your landing page takes

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